Talk About Going Global!

Just a quick post this morning to let you know some tidbits about this blog that shocked me.  WordPress (the host for this blog) has some interesting site statistics available for me as the blog owner, including breakdown by country on how many visitors. I don’t see anything personal, mind you, just a cumulative count of unique visitors by country.  Since I launched this blog it’s been viewed by people in the US (1,396), Japan (24), Norway (18), the UK (15), Canada (15), New Zealand (8), Nigeria (1) and Saudi Arabia (1).

I guess muscle cars do have a global appeal!

My thanks to ALL visitors who stop by and check out the progress we’re making on Renovatio (her formal name, by the way, is Casey…)   Feel free to post a comment to this blog entry and let everyone know where you hail from!

-john and dina


UPDATE – She’s Starting to Look Like a Car Again!

Stopped by Full Circle Auto Body this morning and snapped some surprise pictures…   we have new sheetmetal hanging on the car!  The new stuff isn’t welded on yet, rather Tony and crew are test fitting every panel to make sure they are aligned.  There’s one picture from inside the trunk where you can see how the new stuff is clamped down in place.

Tony did say that they’ve figured that the car was hit in the rear end at some point in it’s life and it was a good hit.  The rear end of the body will need to get pulled outward by about an inche to align with the new sheetmetal.  This is why you take a project this far gone to the professionals… it’s not like I would have the heavy-duty alignment hardware he’s got at the shop!

Take a look through the pictures… the last one shows the engine that I will be selling along with the attached 700R4 4-speed automatic transmission and the current frame.   Look beyond the dirt and grime… it’s a GM ZZ4 350 crate motor good for 355 HP.  Know anyone in the market for a solid low-mileage drivetrain?


More Pics of the Body

Hey everyone… I did another drive-by on Full Circle Auto Body this morning on the way into work.  Tony hasn’t been able to make as much progress so far as we had predicted but I snapped a few more shots of the stripped carcass.  The car is down off the straightening jig so it was easier to take some decent pics with my iPad to show the real damage a SawzAll can do in the right hands!


Also, in talking with Sean @ Top Gear Motorsports, the engine is just about done as far as it can go before we get it installed in the car.  That means right now the engine does NOT have the intake manifold, front drive accessories or exhaust manifolds.  Sean should have started building the 4L60 for me by now but with the bodywork taking longer than originally planned there’s no rush on their part… the engine/transmission will be done long before the body will be.