A small update for Friday…

Hey everyone,

So we are a GO for laying down the stripes on the hood and trunklid tomorrow (Sat 6/29).  I’ll be at Full Circle with Tony to help him lay out the shape, sizing, etc. and it looks like he may have enough time to lay down the first few layers of paint.  I’m bringing my iPad with me so I’ll have plenty of pictures!

Lastly, it’s been a while since I mentioned the drive train.  Sean at Top Gear Motorsports has been toiling away but at a slower pace since the body needed to complete first.  He’s got the new 4L60E transmission completely built and ready and they are making final prep on the intake manifold, fuel rails and injectors.  In short, their work is just about done and they’re simply waiting for me to bring the (soon to be) painted and assembled chassis / body down to them.

Once the engine/transmission is mated to the car, Sean’s team will then focus on installing the new fuel delivery system (tank, lines, pump, filters, etc.) that are required since I am moving from a carburetor to high-pressure fuel injection.  They’re also tackling the front accessory drive setup (alternator, power steering pump, AC compressor, alternator) and the new cooling system (radiator, electric fans, etc.)  Yep, Sean has his work cut out for him…

I will have more pictures this weekend so expect another post before Monday…   have a great and safe weekend!



Another Update – We Have (a little) Paint!

As the headline implies, there is fresh, sparkling LeMans Blue paint on the Chevelle!  Of course, as of this morning (6/28), that paint only resided on the underside of the trunklid and the trunk jambs… but hey, IT’S PAINT!   🙂

First up is a batch of pictures showing the car in primer… it’s been put through one round of block sanding at this point with only a small handful of low spots identified.  The team is working on the car today and tomorrow to get those built up (more primer, NOT filler) and worked to a mirror smooth finish.  If you get the feeling the pictures have a slightly blue tint… well, you’re partially right.  The primer has been mixed with a blue tone to provide color-specifc layers under the final LeMans blue paint.  When I arrived this morning I could see the car but from a distance… and my heart sank because for a brief second I thought the car had been painted a light powder blue.   Yep, it’s only the primer!

Here are a few pictures where I was trying to capture the real LeMans blue paint.  The underside of the trunklid is done but unfortunately it’s in the shade so it just looks black.  The blue paint has a few layers of desert dust and dirt so it looks bad… Tony watered down the areas later and the sparkling blue popped right now.  I CANNOT wait to see the entire car in this shade!  Make sure you click on the pictures to see the full-size zoomed editions…

The last picture above is the best to show the paint but you will also notice that the trunk (inside) is still dirty and rusty.  Have no fear…. once the paint is laid down that all will be acid washed, sealed and shot with Rhino Liner to protect against any future rust.  We are going to layer the bottom of the body and the interior floor surfaces with Rhino Liner as well, for heat and noise blocking but also for additional rust protection.

Regarding next steps…  if the schedule works out I will join Tony this coming Saturday to help him lay out the stripes on the hood and trunklid, and if time permits, Tony might actually lay down the paint for the stripes that day.  Once the stripes dry and cure, the rest of the body gets shot with LeMans blue.  By next Friday (7/6) the entire car MIGHT be in paint!

Stay tuned… things are moving fast now!


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Massive Chevelle Update!

Hey everyone… sorry for the 3 week period between updates but the wife and I headed across the pond to the UK to see family (Hi Delk!) and to spend time in London (escaping Phoenix, Arizona’s blistering 110+ degree heat!)

SO… I’m back and do I have a big picture update for you today!


In the last update you got to see the new sheetmetal panels on the car but they were just roughed in and held in place by clamps.  The entire rear of the car had to be pulled back about a half-inch to make sure everything aligned.  Today’s update starts with pictures of the new sheetmetal now fully attached to the car’s skeleton.  I’ve left these picture in full resolution so apologies upfront if you click on the thumbnail pic and the resulting full-size pic is a bit overwhelming… just zoom out a bit… but this way you can see all the detail work done by Full Circle!

For the car people out there, here’s a quickie…  Full Circle doesn’t replicate the lead filler the factory used to use back in the ’70’s and before.  Rather, they actually weld metal into the panel gaps to full attach the panels securely, then they use a light coat of plastic filler to smooth it out.  No lead and very little filler.  And speaking of that…


So, the above pictures are already old, because as of yesterday here’s the current state.  If you’re just breezing through the pics you might not notice the big difference…. in this new batch all of the heavy metal work is done and Tony’s body guys have done the smaller adjustments, alignments and cleanup of the sheetmetal.  As of today (6/21) the car should be in primer, meaning we’re getting dangerously close to real PAINT!

The overall design of the car calls for a clean, more modern look… thus, we won’t have all of the original factory chrome emblems on the fenders, trunk lid, hood, etc.  The only chrome will be around the front/rear windows, along the side windows and the drip rail… no chrome around the wheel openings, rocker panels, etc.


So… one last picture…  here is the test panel done by Tony so I could approve the color and stripe designs.  This is one of the nice touches Tony does for his customers… I can see an actual painted panel, with my choices, before the car gets painted.  If I don’t like the end result I have no one to blame but myself.  You will DEFINITELY want to click on that image to see the full-size picture… that’s the only way you will see the full blue metallic effect!

You’ll notice the LeMans Blue metallic paint from the 2004 Corvette Commemorative Edition.  That paint color is now approved…  no more changing my mind!

The middle stripe… with the red highlights… is the stripe pattern we’re going with.  It’s a blatant rip-off of the stripes from the same 2004 Corvette, as you can see from the last four pictures..)  The test panel was roughed in for the stripes but the final product on the Chevelle will match exactly the style from the Corvette, and the stripes will be buried in clearcoat so you won’t feel them when you run your hand over them!   🙂

If the car made it to primer today I might have some quick pictures of that for a weekend update…