Muscle Cars are Global!

Two updates in one day?  WOW!

So, here is a snapshot from the statistics I see regarding this blog… specifically, how many unique visitors from what countries around the world (Click on the image to see full-size):

So, please do me a HUGE favor and reply to this blog post and let us all know what country you’re from!  Our thanks to everyone who’s been viewing this blog and our Chevelle work-in-progress.  Hopefully we’ve provided some cheap entertainment and/or helped you along the way if you’re considering a similar project!

-john and dina


Sorry for the lack of updates… now, here’s more pictures!

Hello again!  I know it’s been a rather long time since my last flurry of updates and pictures.  That’s how these projects tend to go…. a blizzard of activity, followed by relative quiet periods.  In this case Full Circle (the body shop) had some other projects come in with a bit higher priority than my Chevelle so it took them some time to clear those out.

So, what’s been happening lately?

The body is now been fully separated from the OLD, original factory frame.  This was a huge step because this is the first time that body has been separated from the original frame since they both rolled down the assembly line back in early ’71.  With the two pieces separated, Tony and his crew can now focus on the patch repair work on the floorpans (some minor pinhole rust here and there), paint the firewall (black, to match the powdercoated inner fenders, radiator support, etc.) and then they’ll be spraying RhinoLiner on the bottom of the car, the wheel wells and on the inside on the floorboards.

The RhinoLiner is nearly indestructible.  Having both sides of the floorpans coated will add some weight to the car, but that’s okay.. the upside is I will never have to worry about the floorpans rusting out again.  Ever.  🙂

And at the bottom is the last picture for the day… this is the original frame plus the GM Performance Parts ZZ4 crate motor, the GM 700R4 4-speed auto transmission and various remaining pieces and bits. It needs a bit of cleanup and TLC but the go-fast parts are all in great working condition.

At some point in the future I will be selling this rolling frame/engine/trans/rear differential on eBay to help pay the bills from the rebuild.  Before I started down this road I was driving the Chevelle nearly every day so I know the ZZ4 / 700R4 combination is as solid now as it was when first installed.  The ONLY reason I chose to go a different route was so I could drop a new LS-based engine into the car to get better fuel mileage as a daily driver.  If you or someone you know might be interested in buying the frame/engine/trans, drop me a message!