Only a Few Days Left…

Hey everyone…  so, before I get to the status update I’d like to send everyone our hopes for a quiet, peaceful and enjoyable holiday season!

Now, to the fun stuff!

This past week has been a whirlwind of final assembly on the Chevelle.  First up is the installation of a new windshield and back glass.  Tony knows a shop that does a modern install job with these classic cars to make sure there are no water leaks and most important, a tight fit with the new chrome window molding.

Casey-NewGlass-001 Casey-NewGlass-002

And in those pictures you can see where we are on the paint job…  YEP, the wet sanding and buffing is done!  Tony is planning to lay down a deep wax job on the paint before the end of next week and that will mark the final work on the paint.  In these next few pictures one of Tony’s guys is working to complete the front clip with the new grille, the headlights, side lights, bumper, etc.

Casey-FrontAssembly-001 Casey-FrontAssembly-002 Casey-FrontAssembly-003

Not too shabby, eh?

This next batch is a walk-around of the car, showing various angles of the car.

Casey-NearingTheEnd-001 Casey-NearingTheEnd-002 Casey-NearingTheEnd-003 Casey-NearingTheEnd-004 Casey-NearingTheEnd-005.

Yep, that last picture was taken by Dina as Tony was explaining to me what work they did on the interior package tray before the new glass was installed.

In my last post I mentioned I had a surprise for you regarding the trunk lid… well, here are pictures of Tony executing an idea I had while sitting at a red light over a year ago…

Casey-Nameplate-001 Casey-Nameplate-002 Casey-Nameplate-003 Casey-Nameplate-004 Casey-Nameplate-005

Yep… I decided in my quest for a cleaner, more modern look to the car that I would not be replacing the original nameplates and insignias after the paint was done.  Instead, I had this crazy idea while sitting at a red light behind a Chevy Avalanche.  I was daydreaming and realized if you rearrange the letters in “AVALANCHE” you can spell CHEVELLE (well, if you buy two sets of letters).  So I did… I went to one of the Chevy service departments and bought them.  When I arranged the letters on the kitchen counter the first time, I knew I had a winner on my hands.  The kicker is in the last picture above…  on the passenger side of the trunk lid, I had Tony install an “SS” badge straight from the latest 5th generation Camaro SS trunklid.  I feel this is a clean and simple way to put the name back on the car but with a modern, “official” look since the letters are genuine GM parts.  I can honestly say I have never seen this done (and I subscribe to a LOT of muscle car mags!)  Hope you like it!

SO…  next week is Christmas here in the States.  Tony is taking a few days off but the BIG surprise for me was what happens after Christmas… Tony will be delivering the car this coming Thursday to M&M Automotive where John will be installing new stainless steel brake lines, a new American Autowire complete wiring kit, and some other minor adjustments and tweaks.  We’re literally one or two work-days away from Tony’s work being 100% done!  That means the car could be off to Top Gear Motorsports by mid-January for the new engine and transmission install!

So, to wrap up…  Dina and I wish you all a great holiday seasons and our sincere thanks for following our Chevelle story this year!  We’re hoping to have the car back by the end of February essentially complete minus the interior so we have a few more months of updates ’till that point… stay tuned for more in 2013!



The Color Sanding Has Begun!

Stopped by Full Circle today at lunch to drop off some more parts for Tony and here’s what I found!

Casey-WetSand-001 Casey-WetSand-002 Casey-WetSand-003 Casey-WetSand-004

The color/wet sanding has begun!  This is the final step before the paint job is officially completed… all that remains at that point is the installation of the brand new windshield and rear glass, the installation of the all the chrome trim and of course the final installation of the front/back chrome bumpers, the front grille / headlights, and the new sport mirrors!  Wait ’till you see what I have planned for the “CHEVELLE” nameplate on the rear trunklid!   🙂

Some More Assembly Progress on the Chevelle

Hello everyone!  Again, it’s been a while since my last update but I was able to snap some new pics of the car this morning…  more progress on the final assembly!  (click on each picture to see the full-resolution images)
Casey-Close-001 Casey-Close-002 Casey-Close-003 Casey-Close-004 Casey-Close-005

The hood and trunk lid are back on the car, with the edges taped off to protect the paint during final alignment and tweaking.  The trunk lid is “done”… aligned, tape removed and the new rubber weatherstripping now installed, but the new rear bumper is just basically hanging there, waiting to be aligned with the lower valence panel (not shown).

The hood is mounted but until the rest of the front clip gets assembled, the hood won’t be final.  It’s the last piece to get aligned and signed off.

Tony offered to grab a wet rag and wipe down the Arizona dust and grime on the hood and trunk before I took the pictures so you can see what it will look like (more or less) when it’s done.  He’s hoping to have the final wet sanding done by mid-next week.  All in all I could have the car back from Tony by first week in January.  🙂