Quick Update

So the Chevelle is still at M&M with John…  Tony was scheduled to drop by yesterday to install the last chrome bits and the trunk lid lock setup.  I haven’t had the chance to go visit her lately for pictures, as I’m down with the cruddy flu bug that’s going around Phoenix these days.  😦

Oh, and a guy from Chandler has bought the frame/engine/transmission I had for sale!   He’s a car guy with a couple of projects so the ZZ4/700R4 combination will work great for him.   That was the last piece of my “grand strategy” to get my original High School Chevelle restored.  (And once the new owner drops by this weekend with a trailer to haul it home, it will mean our garage is actually usable for OTHER things besides holding Chevelle parts!)

Hope everyone is doing well… I’m planning to snap some pictures next week but they probably won’t be too exciting… we’re talking wiring kits and brake lines.  🙂



On To The NEXT Phase!

So…  it’s been a long time coming but today the Chevelle left Full Circle Auto Body for the first time since April, 2012.  Tony and the crew did some final work yesterday afternoon and early this morning…  he shot more RhinoLiner on the very lower rocker panel (the bottom 1/2 inch or so) to help protect the car from rock chips (since we eliminated the factory chrome rocker covers), then some last minute hood alignment fixes and she was DONE.  By noon Tony had trailered the Chevelle over to John and M&M Automotive… more about that later though… let’s get to some pictures!

These shots were taking at M&M after Tony delivered the car…

Casey-FinalBodywork-001 Casey-FinalBodywork-002 Casey-FinalBodywork-003 Casey-FinalBodywork-004 Casey-FinalBodywork-005 Casey-FinalBodywork-006 Casey-FinalBodywork-007 Casey-FinalBodywork-008 Casey-FinalBodywork-009

With John now taking over, his list is much shorter than what Tony faced, but they’re still extremely important:
1) Install the new American Autowire full car wiring kit
2) Install the new stainless steel brake lines
3) Install the previous hydraboost brake system (once Tony is finished painting the master)
4) Reconnect the steering column to the steering pump
5) Tighten up the suspension parts (now that the body has been re-installed on the frame)

These steps are critical because when the car heads off next to get the engine and trans installed, I want it drivable afterward (albeit not finished…)

And even though Tony has delivered the car, there’s still a few small items left…  I am picking up the chrome drip rail kits and the chrome wheel opening molding kits tomorrow from Restoration-Performance Center in Tempe, AZ.   Tony plans to drop by M&M and spend a few minutes installing these last chrome shiny-bits!

As I wrap up this post, I’d like to finish with a few words regarding Tony and Lisa, and Full Circle Auto Body.  When I first approached Tony with this crazy idea of finishing my Chevelle, I quickly realized I had picked the right place to work with.  Tony got it… he understood that I had a vision but needed him to make it real.  At every step he kept me involved in the process… if there is anything wrong with the car coming out of Tony’s shop, I’m equally as guilty in letting it happen.

I CANNOT recommend Full Circle Auto Body enough…  if you have a project car and you’re looking for that kind of shop that takes their time (but in the BEST possible way) to make your ideas and dreams a reality, give them a call… you won’t be disappointed!

And now we’re moving on to the next phase… stay tuned!