S L O W Going…

Hi Everyone!

I know it seems like I fell off the face of the Earth for the past month.  My “real” life got very busy as I started a new job here in Phoenix, plus we had a bit of a hiccup on the timeline for the Chevelle drivetrain.  My engine builder is looking to move his shop (hopefully just up the street!) so he and I both agreed it would be best to not drop off the Chevelle right in the middle of his move.   Right now I am hoping to get the car down there by mid-May but that will be completely driven by Sean’s schedule at Top Gear.  He’s making critical decisions about the future of his business, and I for one won’t be applying any pressure on him just to speed my own project along.

SO…  not much news on the car itself.  I did briefly venture down the path of researching what it would take to swap my planned 4L60 up to some kind of six-speed automatic, such as the GM 6L80 or the TCI 6x transmission.  For all you LS swap folks, it looks like you best be running a Gen4 engine/controller if you hope to be using the GM 6L80.  Despite many hours of research, I couldn’t come up with a single case of a Gen3 Engine / 6L80 swap going well.  So that left me evaluating the TCI 6x transmission, which is essentially a 4L80 tranny case stuffed with 6 forward gears.  TCI warrants the thing beyond 800HP so I’m not worried about it standing up to my “wimpy” 425 HP LQ4.  Trouble is, the gear ratios they used in the 6x is really meant for racing, not cruising or daily driver use.  That, and the package (trans, controller, cooler, shifter) come in at about $7,200.  Yep, back to the 4L60.  🙂

Thanks for staying tuned.  I am continuing some design work on the interior but obviously that’s not going anywhere until the drivetrain is completed.