Renovatio Is Getting Her Powertrain

Hi all,

As mentioned earlier, we took the Chevelle down to Top Gear Motorsports on Friday, starting our next critical phase of the project.   Here’s the car on the trailer before we left Full Circle:


Gotta say she is looking pretty good, even if she’s sitting pretty high upfront with no engine or transmission!

Here are some final shots of the car once we arrived at Top Gear and dropped her off:

Casey-AtTopGear-001 Casey-AtTopGear-002 Casey-AtTopGear-004 Casey-AtTopGear-003

So, at this point we start the next steps… Sean at Top Gear will be handling all aspects of the powertrain install…  engine, transmission, fuel system, cooling, etc.  On top of that I also purchased the full suite of Dakota Digital VHX gauge cluster and support modules…  Top Gear will be installing all of those electronics into a new SS dash carrier.

In fact, the goal I set for Sean is pretty steep… I said this would be the last time she is towed…  when Top Gear is done, I’m driving her home.  That’s a pretty tall order so I’m expecting them to have the car for between two and three months.   Hard to believe that just last week (week of July 4th), it was one year ago that I was in the paint booth with Tony laying out the stripes.  How time flies.

Oh.. and with us moving to the powertrain install with Sean, I’ve started to step up the planning for the interior.  On Saturday I purchased two front seat assemblies off eBay from a 2004 Pontiac GTO… these seats make great swap options for muscle cars, as they are sized appropriately, have easy-to-reach seat fold mechanisms, and this particular set is full-power for both driver and passenger.   I’ll post some pics when they arrive in a few weeks but in the meantime here’s a stock picture of the GTO seats… the ones I bought are black but of course they will be completely re-covered when I do the full interior.


So, that’s about it for now…. in case you’re curious I’ve provided some links below to the Dakota Digital hardware that I purchased last week.   It’s going to be awesome!


Dash Cluster

OBD II Diagnostics Module

Cylinder Head Temperature Module

Pressure Module (Fuel and Vacuum Sensors)

Electronic Cruise Control

Support Modules that Work with the VHX System

Compass and Outside Temp

Retained Power / Lights






Hello everyone!

Yep, it’s been a while since my last post… but there hasn’t been much going on.   Top Gear Motorsports (my engine/trans shop) was relocating their facility down in Mesa, Arizona so we had to put the Chevelle into hibernation for a bit.   Now, the shop relo is done and Sean @ Top Gear is ready for the Chevelle!   Tony will be towing her down this morning, in fact.   I am hoping to post again this weekend with some new pictures of the transport and of Sean’s shop, etc.

Thanks for hanging in there…  we’re about to start another burst of activity on this long journey!