So About That Dakota Digital Dash

A quick picture update from Top Gear Motorsports….

This is the brand new SS dash carrier I bought from Original Parts Group.  Looking pretty good, eh?
Yep… much better than the old Malibu sweep-style dash
Wait… that looks suspiciously like a powered-up instrument cluster!?!?

SO…  what does this mean?  Not a whole lot, to be honest.  The engine was test fitted this week but it and the trans are not installed yet.  Top Gear is handling all of the electrical stuff now so making the connections to the engine, PCM, etc. is easier.

Oh, and we’re waiting for the delivery of a brand new Vintage Air Gen IV SureFit A/C system!  I had an old Gen II system from Vintage Air and while I’m sure it would have been great for most cities, it couldn’t handle Phoenix in the summertime (119 degrees F earlier this summer!)

That’s it for now…  Sean and his crew are definitely pounding away on the beast!


Stopped By Top Gear This Weekend…

Hey all,
So, you know what happens when you’re a Good Hot Rodder?   The UPS guy shows up on time!  That’s right, it was Christmas in August for me last week!

Casey-DakotaDigital-001  …and a little closer look at the boxes reveals…


Yep, most of my Dakota Digital order arrived!  There are a few items on backorder but they are not critical modules (cylinder head temperature modules and sensors, stuff like that).  The dash cluster itself and many of the modules (including the electronic cruise control!) all arrived last Friday.   Here’s a quick shot of the dash cluster itself, still wrapped in protective covering:

Casey-DakotaDigital-003 Casey-DakotaDigital-004

Sean at Top Gear was just reaching the point where they needed this stuff so the timing was perfect.  Dina and I drove to Mesa on Saturday (about 95 miles round-trip from where we live) to drop off the goodies.  Of course, if I was going to make that drive I was sure going to bring my iPad to take some more pictures of the car!


They have the front-end covered in protective blue cling-wrap to help prevent paint damage…


And a good look into a very empty spot… but not empty for long!


There’s the beast that will fill that engine bay!   Once the engine is in it will be topped with an LS6 factory intake and upgrade fuel injectors, fuel rails, etc.

Sean said they are hoping to do a test install this week to get the exact engine/trans location worked out, the engine mounts set up, etc.  He promised me a pictures as they go, which I will post ASAP for you to see.

Oh, and I did receive the 2004 Pontiac GTO front seats from my recent eBay purchase.  They are awesome!   The shop I bought them from had disassembled them to make shipping easier so once I get them bolted back together I’ll take a few pictures.   I can’t wait to see them in two-tone grey leather!

Have a safe and fun week everyone!