Thanksgiving Update on the Chevelle

Hello!  First, to celebrating Thanksgiving…  I hope you had a great holiday!   Dina, my wife, made her usual…  a turkey made to perfection!  I will now strive to lose the 10 pounds I gained yesterday, all before I gain the next 10 pounds at Christmas!

So, on to the Chevelle.   The car is still at Top Gear Motorsports and progress is being made, but extremely slowly.  The block is in the engine bay, getting mocked up for appropriate firewall clearance, eventual pinion angle with the transmission mounted, etc.   The reason progress is so slow has more to do with me than anything.   If this had been a simple engine swap I’m sure I would have had the car back by now.  Trouble is, with a ground-up build project like this one, just putting the engine in the bay doesn’t cut it.   The car has a brand new wiring harness (Sean’s been troubleshooting some weird gremlins with that) and I stepped up and purchased a BOAT LOAD of electronic goodies from Dakota Digital, most of which need to be installed, wired and test with the engine/trans/PCM.  The troubleshooting process gets pretty crazy when a problem appears… is it engine related?   Electrical?   Electronics?  All of the above?  You get the point.

In summary, I gave Sean a LOT of work to do.  In my opinion (and that of others), he’s the best guy in the four-state area to do this project, but I am having to refocus the timeframe a bit.   This coming February will mark two years since I dropped the car off and started this whole journey.   Right now I’m hoping to get the car back from Top Gear by that February mark.  Of course, she still won’t have an interior but that’s another story!

So… I will be getting some pictures of the car from Sean hopefully next week and I’ll post those as soon as I get them.  Until then, be safe (wherever you are, since it seems my international audience has grown once again!)… and look for some more updates soon!