More Pictures!

Hi everyone!

So Sean & Team are making great progress.  Here’s another quick picture update before Christmas arrives!

Fuel Tank
And here’s where we are on the tank.  Looking Good!

TankCompleted-001 TankCompleted-002 TankCompleted-004 TankCompleted-003

Engine Accessory Drive Install
Here’s the latest picture of the front of the engine, with the accessory drive installed.  Some clearance issues still remain but for the most part we’re pretty close to done on the front engine assembly.


So here’s a sneak peak of the new GenIV Vintage Air system that’s about to get installed…


Spaghetti Anyone?
And with so many electronics packages getting installed, plus the new Vintage Air system, here’s a shot of the Chevelle cabin.  Fun, huh?



This might be the final update for 2013…  if so, I’d like to thank all of you for visitng this blog… I am truly stunned at how many countries are represented by you all…   !

-john and dina



Mid-December Status Check

Hi all,

So Sean and Team @ Top Gear Motorsports has been burning some midnight oil on my behalf and you all get the benefits of a picture update!

First Up – Fuel Tank

I think I mentioned in a past post that we decided to go with the Tanks, Inc. “ready for fuel injection” fuel tank for the Chevelle.   We ordered a big honkin’ fuel pump that should handle anything I do under the hood up to about 800 HP.  Yeah, baby… build it ONCE!  🙂   Here’s some pics of Sean & Team following the old saying, “measure twice, cut once”… and then the assembled tank at the end

Casey-FuelTank-001 Casey-FuelTank-002 Casey-FuelTank-003 Casey-FuelTank-004

Next – Some Work in the Engine Compartment  

Sean & Team have been working hard in the engine bay as well…  in this picture they’are assembling the accessory drive kit that I purchased from Pace Performance (it’s a Corvette accessory kit with a special bracket to relocate the AC compressor up higher, to avoid the crossmember)


In that picture you can see the mess of wires…  I’m guessing part of that is my doing from all the electronic components I bought from Dakota Digital.  🙂

And even though plenty of LS swaps have been done in  Chevelles, not everything is perfect the first time.  Here is a picture we have of a clearance problem between the power steering pulley and the new gearbox.   They’ll come up with a fix for this as well…


So that’s what’s going on these days with the car… my thanks as always to Sean and his crew at Top Gear…