A Small Update

Hi everyone,

As you probably have noticed it’s been a while since my last update (March to July?  Yeah, a while!).  That doesn’t mean we’ve stopped work on the car, but it does mean we’ve had some challenges.  One of my primary shops on the project lost a very critical resource back in April and it has been extremely difficult to replace this person.  It really has hampered progress significantly.  We haven’t ground to a halt… but close.  Some of the small items we have completed since April:

1) The new valve covers are on and they look great with the coil packs!
2) Engine is pretty much sealed up, transmission is on and the driveshaft has been ordered
3) The engine was cranked over dry a few times to ensure there were no issues on the rotating assembly, cam/rockers/lifters/etc.
4) Some more progress on the Dakota Digital expansion modules but we’ve decided to keep our focus for now on the core items needed to actually get the engine running, so PCM/OBD interfaces, etc.

One challenge we still have is with the intake… we ordered that sexy Spectre dual-intake setup for the Chevelle way back months ago just after SEMA.  Guess what?  Spectre hasn’t shipped it yet… engineering backlog, shipping delays, etc.  I’m guessing they showed a prototype at SEMA and weren’t truly ready to start accepting orders.   If we don’t get the Spectre gear by the time the rest of the drivetrain is ready we will go with a simple cone filter on the intake to get things running and we’ll install the Spectre when it shows up (eventually!)

SO…. there you have it.  Apologies for not having any new pictures but I am hoping that our resource challenge mentioned earlier will soon be behind us and we’ll be getting the car running and back on the road in short order.   Cross your fingers for us!

-john and dina