Hello everyone,

I wish I had better news to report but due to a “conflict of direction” with one of my shops, I have had to pull back on my beloved Chevelle project.  The shop in question (which shall remain nameless)… promised a set amount of work for an estimated price.  Let’s just say I now know more about the legal process in Arizona regarding conflicts with automotive repair shops than I EVER wanted to know.   I ended up paying nearly 3x the original cost and virtually none of the work was accomplished.  Long story short but I conversed with my own attorney, the city Police department and had the case reviewed by two city attorneys.  All said I had a very winnable case, if I chose to spend more money in court versus what I was being forced to pay to the shop.  Yep, go broke winning my case.

I paid the shop and got my car back, with virtually no work completed.   This used up most of my remaining project budget.

Sean at Top Gear Motorsports got the car back from SHOP THAT SHALL NEVER BE MENTIONED AGAIN, and they are working to see if we can get the motor fired up to make sure that works as expected.  At that point the car will most likely come home to my garage while I save up some more money to continue the efforts.  I might end up teaching myself automotive electrical systems and installing that piece myself.  We’ll see.

I wish I had better news folks.  For those of you in the United States, please learn a lesson from my experiences…  ensure your automotive shops provide not only the upfront estimate in writing (which I got), but timely and exact cost estimates as the work progresses.  I thought I was doing so…  I was wrong.

-John, Dina and Renovatio, my VEAM (Very Expensive Automotive Mistress)