Dashing Through The…


well, it’s certainly not snow… at least not here in Phoenix, Arizona in April!

BUT.. on the Chevelle project we are “dashing” about but in a slightly different way!

Remember all of those tasty Dakota Digital goodies I purchased many months ago?

Casey-Dash-001 Casey-Dash-002

Casey-Dash-003 Casey-Dash-004

So … yeah!   We’re not quite live yet (no start-up) but we’re close…  still some final connections for the electric fans but that should be soon.

And here’s a last shot of the engine bay with a shiny new addition



This Has Been Exhausting…

Hi all,

I know… it’s been a LONG time since my last post about the Chevelle.  Sean and AJ @ Top Gear have been making progress but they had a project car in their queue ahead of mine so it took priority.   That said the Jeep project (yep, an LS swap into a Jeep!) is now done and they are back to the Chevelle.

So, what’s so news-worthy to demand an actual blog post?  Ah…  some exhaust work!   Sean and AJ started with a 2.5″ stainless steel exhaust kit and custom assembled a setup including headers.  It’s been a long process but as you can see from the pictures below it looks great (as usual, click on the images below to see higher-resolution versions)

Casey-Exhaust-003 Casey-Exhaust-004

Casey-Exhaust-001 Casey-Exhaust-002


Sean and AJ have to  finish wiring up the electrical connections for the front fans (had to undo the wiring when we upgraded the radiator and fan awhile back).  A few minor items after that and Sean is telling me we might be getting close to a video of a running engine!  Stay tuned… things will get better from here!