Still Making Progress on the Chevelle

Okay, so I wouldn’t blame you if you thought I had fallen off the face of the planet.  It’s been quite a while since my last blog post about my Chevelle.  Suffice to say my family had a LOT going on in 2016 so while progress was continuing on the car, my free time required to do things like this was… well, cut short.   That said 2017 is looking to be a better year and I thought I would try to kick it off on a good note with a blog update!

So, what IS going on…  well, the car has been with Kelly at his shop in Mesa (Level 10 Performance).  He has been working on the electrical systems for me since we had the “unfortunately incident” with an electrical shop whose name I shall never mention again (yeah, it was a bad experience!).   Kelly, on the other hand, has been awesome!   He has the Viper alarm / remote start / GPS system installed, the full electric window upgrade (all four windows!) and all of the various Dakota Digital components.

He has also been working endlessly to fabricate custom brackets and such to get my new front seats mounted.  I opted for modern (fully adjustable electric) seats but had to search high and low (pun intended, as you will see in a moment!) to find the right ones.

Kelly’s first attempt to mount the seats met with a stunning realization… even though these seats were physically pretty compact, the mounting base used on the seat was NOT small.  As you can see in the pictures below the seats were sitting so high inside the cabin that when I sat down my head was literally touching the roof skin (no headline) and my neck was bent to the side.   Yeah, that ain’t gonna work!  (as always, click on the pictures to load higher-resolution versions!)

casey-frontseats-901 casey-frontseats-900

The seats themselves felt great so I asked Kelly to rethink the mounting situation.  That has taken quite a bit of time…  new brackets to fab, some “floorpan massaging” with the sledgehammer (I mean the Persuader!)… and now we have this:

casey-frontseats-002 casey-frontseats-001

I was down at their shop last Saturday (Jan 21, 2017) to test-fit the seat locations.  SO MUCH BETTER!    The seat leather is scuffed in places but no worries as they will be completely recovered in new tan colored leather when the car heads to the interior shop!

SO, we are on the right path with the front seats.  Remember, this car is intended to be a daily driver so comfort is a requirement and Kelly has nailed it!

What else has been going on?  Well, before the seat work Kelly went through the entire interior with some sound deadener… think DynaMat but without the price.  🙂

casey-soundbarrier-002 casey-soundbarrier-003 casey-soundbarrier-004 casey-soundbarrier-001

And here are some pics of the new glass, freshly installed (you can’t see the hardware but trust me, the conversion to all electric windows is there..

casey-newglass-002 casey-newglass-001

With the front seat locations approved, Kelly is wrapping up the final fabrication plus electrical hookups for the front seats, plus a few minor final electrical connections here and there.  After that the car will go back to Sean at Top Gear Motorsports to troubleshoot a transmission that won’t shift (looks like the ECM isn’t seeing the RPM signal so it isn’t triggering the transmission to shift) plus a few small items.   After that the car is COMING HOME…  complete with registration as she will be street legal!   More to come soon…