Next Tuesday, Feb 21!

Hi all – no new pictures to share this time around but some great news!   Next Tuesday, Feb 21, Kelly at Level 10 will be done with the Chevelle!

I will be driving down to Mesa to the shop so Kelly can walk me through all of the electronics we’ve installed in the beastie… the biggest one for me is the VIPER alarm, not for the obvious “alarm” functionality, rather for it’s GPS tracking and fully remote, cellphone app based remote start abilities!   Living in Arizona in the summer you really do want to leave the A/C turned on then remote start your car and let it run for 10 minutes before you head out.  No problem on a modern car… but now also in my 1971 Chevelle!

Once Kelly finishes the walk-thru (I will be snagging pics and videos for posting here later in the day), we will load her up on the trailer and take her back to Sean at Top Gear Motorsports.  Sean only had a few minor things to work though with the drivetrain (the ECU isn’t seeing the RPM signal for some reason so it never triggers the transmission to shift, plus a faulty starter motor and a few other minor adjustments)… then she will be ready for her final dyno engine tune, emissions test and her 3-day temp registration so I can DRIVE HER HOME!

Stay tuned!


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