Crossmember Conundrum

Hi all,

Yep, it’s been a while since my last update.  Sean has been battling an issue I had considered but never thought it was going to be a challenge… the transmission crossmemeber.   Remember while my car is a coupe, I have a boxed convertible frame underneath.  Something about the combination of the 4L60E that we picked up and the boxed convertible frame rendered all of the crossmembers on the market useless.

Sean worked with one company to fab up a specific one for our install and here it is, fresh out of the box and mocked up on the car:

So while we have a bit more “force-fit engineering” to accomplish (the driveshaft might not have the clearance required right now), we’re pretty confident we have something we can work with.

SO… hopefully that means we hit the ground running.  Sean set a tentative target for the end of March to get the car running and back to me.  This crossmember conundrum might add some time but now that the engine/trans will be in their final position, it’s really all about the hundreds of small items required to get the beast running.  The fuel system has been completed so no issue there.  We’re ready to feed the beast!

Next possible challenge in the back of my mind?  Exhaust.  I want to downsize from the 3″ system I had in the old setup to a more manageable 2.5″ setup, but I want stainless steel and I have decided to move to headers, but now we’ll have to find some that fit.  This could get fun. Time to hit again.  🙂


Quick Update

So the Chevelle is still at M&M with John…  Tony was scheduled to drop by yesterday to install the last chrome bits and the trunk lid lock setup.  I haven’t had the chance to go visit her lately for pictures, as I’m down with the cruddy flu bug that’s going around Phoenix these days.  😦

Oh, and a guy from Chandler has bought the frame/engine/transmission I had for sale!   He’s a car guy with a couple of projects so the ZZ4/700R4 combination will work great for him.   That was the last piece of my “grand strategy” to get my original High School Chevelle restored.  (And once the new owner drops by this weekend with a trailer to haul it home, it will mean our garage is actually usable for OTHER things besides holding Chevelle parts!)

Hope everyone is doing well… I’m planning to snap some pictures next week but they probably won’t be too exciting… we’re talking wiring kits and brake lines.  🙂


The New Frame is Done!

Hey all… so I stopped by M&M yesterday (Friday) and they’re done hanging all of the suspension on the new boxed powdercoated frame.  I’m working to de-res some pictures but I think I can get one to fit on this blog entry….

Those are the Boyd Coddington Smoothie II’s from the Chevelle, along with the 4-wheel Baer disc brakes and the new P-S-T suspension parts!