All Snuggled In…

Last night marked a HUGE milestone… after five years, the Chevelle now sits in our garage once more!

(as always, click on the image to get a larger version to view!)


That’s right folks, another step on the (VERY) long journey!   Last night Dina drove me down to Mesa to visit Sean at Top Gear Motorsports.   He had taken the car through a full alignment and emissions testing earlier this week (she passed emissions with flying colors with only a generic base tune in the PCM for now!)  In talking about next steps we realized his work (for now) was pretty much wrapped up.  That meant “ROAD TRIP” to Mesa to pay the bill, collect the keys and make a very long (55 mile) maiden voyage back to the house in north Phoenix.  This must be what it feels like to take a new aircraft carrier out for her seaworthiness trials, right?   🙂

Here’s a shot on the drive home… my wife Dina is in the 2014 Volt ahead of me.


As I alluded earlier this is by NO means the end of the journey.   She is legal to drive but in a very basic sense, plus she has practically zero interior… two front seats bolted in place and powered and that’s about it!

So, I will be keeping her at home for now, driving her around the block to irritate the neighbors now and then, while I do some tinkering in the garage myself.  The next big step is to roll her down the road about 10 miles to the shop I’m likely going to contract to do the new custom interior.  More on that later, trust me!

For now though I’ll enjoy having The Beast back… even if it’s for a short time before the next step begins.   All that said though, it was damn fun last night driving her!  She’s raw right now… everything rattles, vibrates, screeches and crashes.   Last night was the first time she had driven more than about 100 yards in the shop parking lot so the suspension hasn’t even settled (and it will be replaced completely after the interior work is done!)

SO… for now I am short of pictures but long on smiles.   I’ll get her cleaned up this weekend and take more pictures to post in the next week or so, and in the coming weeks I will start teasing you about the plans for the interior.

Oh… by the way… while I still have some glitches with the Dakota Digital hardware, the Viper Alarm / GPS / remote start system works great.  Dina and I stopped last night for dinner on the drive home.  From our table inside I pulled out my cell phone, loaded the Viper app and clicked “Smart Start”.  When we walked out to the parking lot she was already running, A/C and all.   Truly modern technology in my 46 year old car.   What more could a nerd like me want?   🙂


One last picture…  I call this Bowties and Patriotism.   I’ll get an updated shot in June when our 2017 Chevy Bolt EV arrives.  Yep, two electric cars, The Beast and my Tahoe PPV.  Bowties and Patriotism, indeed!




For The First Time Since 2012…

Check out this YouTube video… it will explain the heading for this post.  🙂

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