A side-story about a different Chevelle…

If you’ve read the back-story to my Chevelle project here on the blog you know I’ve had this particular vehicle since my high schools days.  In one or two of the posts I’ve mentioned that my original plan to complete this Chevelle was “more complicated”… but I never really explained that comment.  Until now.

My original plan had to do with me buying a second ’71 Chevelle, from California off eBay Motors back in December, 2009. Affectionately known as Camille, I bought it because the body shell was very (extremely) straight… virtually no rust except some small areas above the wheel wells.  Patch panels at best and the car would be done.  It came with a clean California VIN / Title… it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Until I realized something… If I was going to do this, I would be “giving up” the actual car I bought in high school.. the car I’ve been keeping all these years.  Even the VIN would be different (assuming I didn’t play any hinky games and try to switch the VIN #’s, which of course would be illegal).  Why in the world had I kept my original car for 25+ years if I was so willing to just throw it away?

Yeah, I know.  Makes me sound soft and sentimental.  But I just couldn’t do it.  I wanted to finish MY Chevelle, not make some franken-car with no history… no soul.

So driving to work one day, mulling over the various pieces in play (much like a chess board, I must say), a thought occurred.  Instead of trying to get cute and do some kind of weird VIN swap, or trying to take individual body panels off the California car and put in my car, I would simply sell the California car and get as much as I could from it. I would use that money to help fund all of the body sheetmetal I would need to purchase to actually completely MY Chevelle.  So I did.  And it’s the reason why I’m posting to this blog and you’re reading my words.

Reason I’m telling you all of this is simple:  Yesterday afternoon the car transport truck arrived to pick up Camille and take her to her new owner, Greg in Florida.  I sold her on eBay Motors a few weeks ago and it took him a while to arrange transport.  I snapped a bunch of pictures of Camille as she was being packed up for her cross-country venture.  I’ll post them later this afternoon.

SO… my best wishes and good mojo go out to Greg in Florida.  He says he’s been saving for years to buy a car like this so he can rebuild it himself in the garage.  I think it will take him a while to finish Camille (or whatever name she is rechristened with) but I have no doubt he will do a stellar job.  After all, he’s got the muscle car bug, just like me.  I’m betting he won’t be waiting 25 years though.  🙂

UPDATE 7:50 PM – Here are the pictures:


The Story of Renovatio

Welcome to my blog about a journey to rebuild my 1971 Chevelle, a car I’ve owned for more than 25 years.  I bought this car in 1985, during my junior year of high school back in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

To the eyes of a 16 year old, the car was simply awesome.  It represented freedom but with an attitude.

Of course, I had no idea how much rust was hidden under the layers (and layers) of Bondo and lousy paint.  I’d come to learn all of that later, trust me…

So, 25 years after that, here I am, working to finally complete the job.