Contributors & Supporters

Here is where you will find all of the people who have helped me along this path…  my sincere thanks goes out to each of them!

MoreEngineering forum member MoreEngineering.  He not only has a very successful 5.3 Liter Gen IV swap running in a 1971 Chevelle Wagon (with full Drive-By-Wire setup!), he was unbelievably generous in sharing his experience, time and lessons learned about his efforts.  My thanks to you over and over for listening patiently while I changed my mind several times along this path!

M&M Automotive

1945 West Cheryl Drive
Phoenix, AZ  85021

John at M&M has been my primary mechanical guy for my Chevelle for years.  M&M is a general shop but he owns a muscle car himself so he knows what’s important to people like us.  John was responsible for assembling the new chassis for the project and assembling all of the suspension and brake parts to the freshly powdercoated frame. I recommend M&M to anyone looking for an honest, fair mechanic who knows modern rides as well as classics!

Full Circle Auto Body

Tony and Lisa
2029 West Ironwood Drive
Phoenix, AZ  85021

Tony and Lisa are simply awesome.  I first approached Tony back in December, 2011 with a rather complicated plan to complete the Chevelle.  It involved swapping car bodies and frames.  By late January I had complicated the plan even further.  Tony took it all in stride.  They are the shop I’ve chosen to do all the bodywork on my original Chevelle body.  I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a professional shop with people that know classic cars.

Top Gear Motorsports

1750 North Rosemont
Suite #114
Mesa, AZ  85203

Sean and his team are some of the most talented LSx people ANYWHERE… to say anything of Phoenix or Arizona.  He does projects for people all over the country.  If you have a late-model F-Body, GTO, Corvette, LS-based truck/SVU, etc. and you want more GO… call Sean!


And finally, the most important part of my team…

I simply could never have started this without the support, love (and permission) of my wife, Dina.  She’s a believer in what I am doing and she has never given me grief about anything car-related.  Thank you babe…  you’re the ultimate enabler and I love you for it!    🙂


2 comments on “Contributors & Supporters

  1. Thank you for the kind words John. I am glad you have made the final decisions on your drivetrain. I think it will be one you will not regret over the years. Hopefully there will be few pitfalls till you are done, but if there are any, your perserverance will win in the end. Enjoy your new/original ride. I look forward to seeing your progress.


    • Hey Jerry! Kind words? It’s just the truth… I can’t wait to see more pics of your Chevelle when it’s back from the shop!

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