Part Numbers & References

On this page you will find the information I found while researching the big topics, like the LS engine swap into a GM A-Body vehicle (Chevelle, GTO, LeMans, etc.).  I’ve also included some links to magazine articles and other blogs that were of significant help.

Please keep in mind that as of right now (4/7/2012) the car is still in progress so this page will continuously be updated with more information as we make decisions and move forward with the project.  If you have a question please post it as a reply so everyone can see and I will do my best to respond…

Reference Links

LINK – Super Chevy Magazine – LS Swaps Into Vintage Muscle Cars
LINK – Super Chevy Magazine – 5.3L (LM7) Engine Build Series – Modern Mouse
LINK – Chevy High-Performance Magazine – LS Engine Comparison
LINK – Forum – Conversions and Hybrids Sub-Forum for LS Engine Swaps

LINK – Forum – Kst8Engineer Chevelle Build Thread
LINK – – Thunderstruck507’s Chevelle Build Thread

Drivetrain Information

Engine (target is 415-425 dyno’d flywheel HP)
LINK – GM LQ4 6.0L (364 cubic inches) Gen III LS engine (VIN code “U” from a 2006 Silverado)
Stock LS6 composite intake, fuel rails and injectors
Stock LS6 cam
Longer pushrods
Valvespring upgrade
LS7 lifters
Melling high-performance oil pump
LINK – Pace Perf. modified GMPP Corvette accessory drive kit (GMPP kit minus Corvette A/C comp)
LINK – Pace Perf. Kit – Sanden 508 compressor & Kwik Performance A/C relo bracket)
LINK – Pace Perf. Standard LS Harmonic Balancer
LINK – Pace Perf. Corvette water pump (passenger side inlet)
2012 Camaro factory exhaust manifolds
LINK – Dirty Dingo motor mounts
Top Gear Motorsports ECM programming and dyno-tuning
LINK – Inline Tube Stainless Steel brake lines

GM 4L60E transmission, rebuilt by Top Gear to support the HP/torque expected from the LQ4
Stock stall speed torque converter
OPGI trans crossmember
Top Gear Motorsports TCM programming and tuning


LINK – Completely new front end kit from P-S-T (ALL new components)
Stock GM stamped upper and lower control arms (for now, with plans for tubular upgrades later)
Stock rear suspension but upgrade to coil-over shocks

Body Repair, Sheetmetal Replacements

LINK – All sheetmetal was sourced from Goodmark Industries, except the following:
LINK – Roof skin – Sourced from Auto Metal Direct (AMD)
LINK – Full weatherstripping replacement Kit – Sourced from Original Parts Group
LINK – All fasteners, bolts, brackets and other misc. parts – Sourced from Original Parts Group
LINK – Frame-to-Body bushing / mount kit – Sourced from Ground Up Restorations
LINK – Chevelle-specific bullet side mirrors

Total Vehicle Wiring

LINK – American Autowire 68-72 Chevelle Kit


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